Treason Lobby Beware! Ann Coulter Takes Aim At Immigration
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The Treason Lobby took a shot right in the nose from Ann Coulter's recent devastating book, appropriately titled TREASON—Liberal treachery from the cold war to the war on terrorism.

With that said though, the woman who is teaching the MTV generation about Whittaker Chambers and the Venona project has not yet begun to fight on the issue of immigration. But times are changing.

As we wait for her to join the fray along with Michelle Malkin and Phyllis Schlafly, her column released Wednesday may have given real immigration reformers a taste of things to come. For diehard Coulter fans, it's a moment we've all been waiting for—her immigration “shot heard 'round the world.”

Coulter's August 20 column about the California recall election – “It Depends What The Meaning Of The Word 'Deficit' Is”—hits illegal immigration and its toxic fallout head on. She writes:

“Literally millions of low-income immigrants are pouring into California without job skills or even language skills. If we were able to trick Mexico into taking California back, Los Angeles would have the second largest population of Mexicans in Mexico—only Mexico City would have more. While illegal immigrants generally work, they don't contribute to the income or property tax base. Their birth rates are far higher than other groups, so they consume a large portion of the state's health-care and welfare systems. As the tax base floods out legally, the taxpayer-dependents flood in illegally.”

Amen. But she's not through yet.

“[California governor Gray] Davis responded to this crisis by virtually dismantling immigration enforcement in California. Law enforcement officials are prohibited from even asking people about their national origin. Davis fought Propositions 187 and 209 after the voters overwhelmingly approved them. Meanwhile, Arnold is the Republicans' kind of immigrant: legal. But the press is crucifying Arnold for voting "yes" on Proposition 187 back in 1994—along with 60 percent of his fellow Californians. Apparently, this makes him "out of the mainstream." “

Bravo! It looks like Coulter is finally aiming her justly-feared high-heeled shoe at the Hispandering, G.O.Pandering, “there shall be open-borders,” illegal alien “rights” propaganda machine.

In her recent bestseller, TREASON—page 271—Coulter turned her rhetorical .50 caliber machine gun on the treasonous illegal immigration lobby, if only briefly. This one paragraph is the book's only dead-on reference to illegal immigration.

“Foreigners were relentlessly staging raids on our border, which was defended by a hapless bunch of incompetents at the Immigration and Naturalization Service. But the only complaints about the INS came from conservatives. Liberals view their own noncompliance with immigration laws as a sort of neighbor-friendly program. They think America is a department store, and that no one can be denied entry.”

She rounds out the paragraph on pages 271-272 in TREASON by blasting the hypocrisy of illegal alien sanctuary policies.

“Los Angeles police officers are expressly prohibited from even questioning suspects, witnesses, or crime victims—anyone—about their immigration status. When he was the avenging law and order mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani bragged about the city's refusal to cooperate with the INS in turning over illegal immigrants. His successor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, believed the greatest threat to public safety in New York City is passive smoke. Bloomberg would only crack down on illegal immigrants if he caught them smoking.”

On the way to destroying the shibboleth of “racial profiling” in TREASON, Coulter also mentions the 1975 U.S. Supreme Court case of U.S. v. Brignoni-Ponce, dealing with roving Border Patrol stops near the Mexican border. She quotes the Supreme Court's analysis that “[t]he government has estimated that 85 percent of the aliens illegally in the country are from Mexico.” She goes on:

“If ethnic appearance can be used as a factor by the police trying to stem the dire threat of one more Mexican raking leaves in Los Angeles, it is logical to conclude that ethnic appearance can also be used to counter the threat of thousands of Americans being killed in a terrorist attack.”

Her book, TREASON gave a glimmer of hope that Coulter is most definitely up to speed on the immigration issue, if only in a far corner of her radar screen. But as of her column on the California meltdown, it's a whole new ballgame.

So if you're out there somewhere, Ann, keep going on immigration and the National Question!

America will be glad you did—and the Treason Lobby won't know what hit them.

Juan Mann [send him email] is a lawyer and the proprietor of


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