Biden Plans Massive Immigration Treason In His First 100 Days. But Patriots Can Fight Back
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Election fraud aside, Joe Biden seems poised to take the White House. The former vice president will make immigration a top priority, and he plans a blizzard of actions to wreck President Trump’s achievements. Yet immigration patriots shouldn’t despair. This isn’t 2013, and Trump remains the central figure of the GOP. It’s unlikely a mass Amnesty will pass, and it won’t be so easy for Biden and his Treason Lobby fellow travelers to open the borders and flood the country with new instant Democrats.

The “president-elect’s” first priority: reversing Trumpism through executive action. At the top of Bidens’s list: fully restoring Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which legalizes illegal aliens smuggled across the border as minors. Trump tried to end this program, but the kritarchs blocked him. Biden could legalize at least 640,000 illegals and allow tens of thousands more to apply for the program. He may also abolish Trump’s travel ban on terrorist, anti-American countries [Biden plans sweeping reversal of Trump's immigration agenda, by Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS News, November 11, 2020].

As well, Biden will handcuff immigration law enforcement. He aims to impose a 100-day deportation freeze as he liberalizes border controls and lowers deportations. He also intends to reduce border security funding and stop building Trump’s wall.

Biden will also vows to abolish the public-charge rule that bars immigrants dependent on government assistance from obtaining Green Cards. Trump lowered our “refugee intake cap to 15,000, but Biden says he’ll raise that to 125,000 and grant temporary protected status to more nationalities. Trump revoked TPS for roughly 300,000 immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Sudan, Nepal and Honduras. Biden will restore it. Indefensibly, he will rescind Trump’s “Stay-in-Mexico” order that forced asylees to wait below the border as claims are processed—clear evidence his goal is simply to maximize non-white presence in the U.S. He will also ease hiring Guest Workers with greatly expanded caps—again, proof that he prioritizes non-white immigration over unemployed Americans.

But enacting these changes won’t be painless. Most experts agree that he can’t reverse Trump’s immigration policies within 100 days or even a year, says Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies:

Some of [Trump’s policies] will remain in effect because the Biden administration will realize they are useful policies, or because they will not be able to undo them quickly because of wanting to avoid a political disaster of an influx at the border or because they receive so much push back in the form of litigation and just the fact that there is a certain amount of inertia with any government regulation.

[Biden might need years to reverse Trump's immigration policies, Alan Gomez and Daniel Gonzalez, USA Today, November 12, 2020]

Of course, some changes would be easy to implement, such as revoking the travel ban. Others, such as halting wall construction and eliminating the public charge rule, not so much. And, as Vaughn observed, patriot lawfare could make these changes even harder.

Still, Biden has delivered a loud and clear message: He will fully exploit his executive powers to loosen immigration laws and open the border to bring in more Democrat voters. A quick glance at his website makes that clear [The Plan for Securing Our Values as a Nation of Immigrants,].

The legislative side is a tad more difficult. Biden will try “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” a.k.a. Amnesty. This was one of Barack Obama’s chief priorities after he crushed the repellent Mitt Romney in 2012. But then Republicans were being told by their leaders that their political survival required legalizing millions of illegal aliens. Most don’t believe that now, given Trump’s at-least-respectable performance, the better-than-usual-for-the-GOP minority vote, and its unexpectedly strong Congressional performance.

Needless to say, Sen. Lindsey Grahamnesty thinks he can find “common ground” on the topic with Biden, he told reporters last week. That’s hardly news. He’s a longtime immigration booster who helped craft the Gang-of-Eight Amnesty.

More surprising are the two senators who voted against it and now wish to deal with the Democrats.

“I think that would be a good thing to do,” Texas Sen. John Cornyn said this week. “The challenge is you’ve got to get the votes, but that to me is one of my biggest disappointments in my time in the Senate, our inability to get that done.” He added that would “be part of that effort” to try this failed idea again [Biden win revives immigration talk, by Jordain Carney, The Hill, November 17, 2020].

Cornyn is former majority whip and a powerful voice in the GOP caucus. Just a month ago, he publicly attacked Trump and said he disagreed with the president about his immigration policies.

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, incoming chairman of the Senate immigration committee, also backs a “bipartisan plan.” He has been considered solid on the issue and, earlier this year, was one of the four senators who urged Trump to extend and expand his immigration moratorium. Now, he wants to “avoid the extremes” in the debate, as The Hill’s Carney reported, by which he means people who want to deport all illegal immigrants and those who “want people to be citizens yesterday.”

But note that all of these comments are much better than what Republicans said after the Romney debacle in 2012. At that point, many prominent figures, including Conservatism Inc. media, openly advocated Amnesty.  During the Gang-of-Eight Amnesty fight, Fox News’s primetime star Bill O’Reilly endorsed it and Sean Hannity considered supporting it [What Bill O'Reilly Got Out of the Immigration Deal, by Elspeth Reeve, The Atlantic, June 21, 2013]. Now, a few senators talk about a vague deal with Democrats, but they face a hostile media. No. 1. is Tucker Carlson, who would eviscerate any Republican who dared entertain it.

And Trump won’t go away, either. He will likely oppose Amnesty as an affront to his legacy. With just a few tweets, he could have the base blow up the phone lines on Capitol Hill.

Republicans surely know Amnesty doesn’t help win votes, and the base would be furious—and unwilling to show up for the midterms, especially if Trump tells them to stay home. It would simply reward Biden and the Democrats with a massive legislative victory.

Of course, Ruling Class Donors would be happy,

Another problem with an Amnesty deal: the Nutocrat Left. It finds Comprehensive Immigration Reform an abhorrent idea because it concedes too much to Republicans. Leftists don’t want any deal that would increase border security, deportations, or punishments for illegal immigration. Their plan is the “Here-To-Stay” platform, which means citizenship for all illegals, no deportations, detention eliminated, and abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement [Biden Wants Another Crack at 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' But Activists Are Wary of Past Failures, by Adrian Carrasquillo, Newsweek, November 12, 2020].

Not a single Republican would vote for this. But Biden is afraid of the Left. Unclear is what Republican traitors would get in exchange for Amnesty.

The only bill that might succeed: the Amnesty reserved for “Dreamers”—PC code for illegal aliens who came here as (allegedly) kids. But Trump tried this in 2018, and Democrats refused any compromise in exchange, such as full funding for the wall or eliminating chain migration. Biden won’t likely offer anything in exchange for a DREAMer Amnesty. Conservatives would probably swing hard against the legislation and force Mitch McConnell to kill it.

Speculation aside, remember this: Biden is the most Open Borders president ever. Amnesty advocates will oversee his transition teams for the departments of Homeland Security and Justice. They will favor legal and illegal immigrant interests over Americans [Biden’s picks for transition team the latest sign of a radically different approach to immigration, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, November 13, 2020].

In other words, Biden and his gang will quicken the Great Replacement—unless patriots stop it.

GOP lawmakers must go to war against Sleepy Joe. Republican Attorneys General and conservative law firms must sue over every immigration policy change, just as leftist Treason Lobbyists did for the last four years.

McConnell loves to tout his judicial appointments. Let’s see some action opposing Biden on Open Borders.

Republicans can defend their base from demographic replacement, or they can play nice and ensure their own political doom.

Biden’s handlers have their plans. Republicans need plans too.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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