Can Sean Hannity Learn That Amnesty Is Wrong? Maybe.
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Is Fox News host Sean Hannity gradually stepping back from his idiotic support for amnesty? Perhaps instructive discussions with more intelligent persons like Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan have had some positive effect.

Recent segments dealing with illegal alien amnesty to repopulate America with Spanish-speaking Democrats have shown Hannity becoming somewhat less concerned with the well-being of foreign intruders.

Has he figured out that rewarding illegality is always bad public policy? Maybe Sean has noticed the bill itself is a pack of lies, designed to mislead the gullible.

Even Bill Kristol, a seriously open-borders Republican now recommends Senators vote against this bill. When the Gang of Eight has lost Bill Kristol, they should know they’ve gone a dozen loopholes too far.

During Ann Coulter’s visit to the Hannity zone on Monday, he seemed curious about why she has declared herself to be a single-issue person, namely pro-immigration enforcement and against the hideous amnesty.

Coulter explained

“It will change the America we live in. It will harm low-wage workers the most, the people on the bottom rungs, I think Republicans are the only ones who have ever cared about this. Liberals tell us Republicans don’t care about poor and black people and I never never believed it until I saw Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill. It is the low-wage workers who are suffering horrible unemployment who will suffer the most it will change the country in ways that are damaging. It will change the culture. And why do the Democrats want it, they want it for one reason, because it will be 30 million new voters, 80 percent of whom, as all polls show, are going to vote for the Democrats. . .

“In all of these Pew polls, Hispanics are the one group, more than any other, that opposes capitalism.”

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