No Punishment For Communists Who Shut Down Coulter | VDARE Video Bulletin
December 05, 2022, 11:40 AM
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Recently Ann Coulter visited Cornell University, her alma mater, where she was scheduled to deliver a speech. Unfortunately communist hecklers interrupted her with clown music, far noises, and infantile yelling.

Eugene Gant writes for 

Like the presidents of six of the eight Ivy League schools, Cornell’s President is Jewish, a person called Martha Pollack.

Ironically, in August, Pollack told new students they would “encounter a lot of new ideas here,” some of which “you might really hate.”

The second, is to develop an appreciation of the importance of free speech. You’re going to encounter a lot of new ideas here. Some of them will fascinate and inspire you. Some you’re going to disagree with. And some, you might really hate.

And a few years ago, in its statement of “core values,” this Cornell’s president published that:

We are a community whose very purpose is the pursuit of knowledge. We value free and open inquiry and expression—tenets that underlie academic freedom—even of ideas some may consider wrong or offensive. Inherent in this commitment is the corollary freedom to engage in reasoned opposition to messages to which one objects.

Until Pollack expels and publicly denounces the students who disrupted Coulter, we can assume that clown music, fart noises, and infantile yelling are now “reasoned opposition” to speakers that Cornell’s communists don’t like.

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