How Many Illegals Are in the United States? | VDARE Video Bulletin
May 02, 2022, 08:26 PM
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How many illegal aliens are currently living in the United States?

In her 2015 book Adios America, Ann Coulter estimated 30 million, while Wall Street analysts have estimated just over 20 million, and a new study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform puts the number at 15.5 million. 

Whatever the true figure, this much is clear: it’s going higher.

That same study by FAIR concluded that the illegal alien population in America rose by one million during Biden’s first year alone.

And Biden’s policies are designed to add even more.

Last year, Border agents detained almost 2 million illegals while a conservatively estimated 600,000 slipped through the border without detection. Only 70 percent were deported or transported to detention, and of those deportations, more than 56% were done under Title 42.

Biden, as most readers know, wants to stop Title 42 expulsions. But without Title 42, hundreds of thousands more illegals will be allowed to freely colonize the United States, birth their children here, and maintain a foothold forever on American soil.

So how many illegals are in the United States? Well, the short answer is: too many, and more are coming each and every day.

Washington Watcher II writes:

[Biden’s immigration policy] merits impeachment, an idea many Republicans will strongly consider if they retake Congress in November. But impeaching Biden won’t send a single illegal back home. Nor will building a wall. Only deportation will.

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