Deputy Arrested For Selling Firearm To Undercover Posing as Illegal | VDARE Video Bulletin
November 10, 2022, 06:35 PM
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Federal prosecutors have charged a former deputy of the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Department for attempting to sell two guns to a federal informant. 

Samir Ahmad, 29, has been charged with firearms trafficking, as well as attempting to sell a firearm to a person unlawfully in the United States. 

While a Deputy Sheriff, Ahmad allegedly sold two firearms to an undercover informant for $3000. The informant explained he was in the United States illegally, and feared deportation if caught with a firearm.  

Ahmad responded: “You don’t got to worry about none of that.” 

The firearms sold were two glocks that were previously used in a shooting at Roxborough High School in Philadelphia just two weeks earlier. 

On October 19th, Ahmad was terminated from his deputy position, and taken into custody by federal agents. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

Eugene Gant writes for

I wonder if low impulse control explains why a black dude called Samir Ahmad would risk an $80,000 a year job to make a quick $3,000 by selling pistols that were used in a mass shooting.

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