Philly Deputy Sheriff Samir Ahmad Sells School Shooting Guns To Informant Who Said He Was Illegal Alien; No One Is Asking Where "Samir Ahmad" Comes From
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Federal prosecutors have charged a former black deputy with Philadelphia’s Sheriff’s Department with trying to sell two guns to an undercover federal informant. The deputy’s name is Samir Ahmad, apparently black American with a stupid “Arab” name. He could, of course, be an African immigrant (increasingly common on police forces) but no one is asking.

The informant told Ahmad he was an illegal alien.

Ahmad “sold two semi-automatic pistols and ammunition to a confidential informant. During the exchange, the informant explained to Ahmad that he was unlawfully in the United States, and that he could ’get deported’ if he was caught in possession of a gun,” prosecutors allege:

As detailed in the Criminal Complaint, Ahmad responded, simply: “You don’t got to worry about none of that.” The defendant made $3,000 from the sale of the firearms. On October 19, 2022, Ahmad was terminated from employment with the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office and arrested by federal agents.

[Former Philadelphia Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested and Charged With Trafficking Firearms,, October 27, 2022].

The pistols are Glocks used in the deadly shooting after a gridiron scrimmage at the city’s Roxborough High School, Steve Keeley of Fox 29 Philadelphia reported.

Ahmad, 29, told the informant that he was a deputy for seven years and earns $80,000 annually.

A Facebook page for a Samir Ahmad that strongly resembles the suspect connects to an Instagram account with video of the same individual wearing a sheriff’s uniform. The Facebook page says he’s from Philadelphia and has worked for the city since 2020.

The sheriff’s department said Ahmad had worked there since 2018 [Philadelphia sheriff’s deputy accused of selling guns after they were used in Roxborough H.S. shooting, Fox 29 Philadelphia, October 27, 2022].

Something doesn’t add up.

I wonder if low impulse control explains why a black dude called Samir Ahmad would risk an $80,000 a year job to make a quick $3,000 by selling pistols that were used in a mass shooting.

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