Radio Derb: Camelot Comes To Canada, Et Cetera
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01m51s— Canadian politics: the primer. (Five key points.)

06m42s— Hope and change. (Camelot comes to Canada.)

12m22s— Aux armes, citoyens! (Enough of this, let's try that.)

18m50s— Swiss slide right. (It's a Rechtsrutsch.)

24m19s— The GOP straddle. (Painful and unsightly.)

31m56s— Hillary: it could be worse. (The great advantage of being lucky.)

36m33s— Miss Bum Bum update. (Boing Boing made the cut.)

38m12s— Remembering Luke Sissyfag. (He owned the insult.)

40m56s— Obstetric tourism. (Timing is the key.)

42m45s— A famous victory.  (The yeomen of England...and Wales.)



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