Radio Derb: Sanders Vs Trump—The Issues Guy And The Attitude Guy, Etc.
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02m41s— The issues guy and the attitude guy. (Democrats debate.)

07m55s— The Wisdom of Robespierre. (Fifteen years of futility.)

13m34s— The whining minority. (The price of race denialism.)

24m41s— A new education cargo cult. (It's the zip codes!)

29m47s— Playboy goes ... plaid? (Putting it all back on.)

39m14s— An ill wind. (Ben Franklin would sympathize.)

40m54s— The no-tipping point. (Have we reached it?)

43m23s— Getting real with the Chateau. (Does Black Lives Matter matter?)

46m26s— News from Alaska. (Escapee from the Playboy Mansion?)

47m42s— The Cajun sound. (Pre-Neil Young Canadian import.)


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