Radio Derb: The Magic Dirt Theory, The Republican Tax Debate, And The Great Wall Of Sand, Et Cetera
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01m10s— All God's chillun got a tax plan. (Republicans debate.)

10m38s— Bad faith and biology. (Trump breaks hearts.)

18m45s— The Great Wall of Sand. (ChiComs act up.)

23m36s— A vote for Metternich. (In a world of hegemons.)

29m57s— Race fundamentals. (Science or ideology?)

35m55s— Magic dirt. (It explains everything!)

43m57s— Austrians arm up. (A few of their favorite things.)

45m46s— Christie does the right thing. (We're not Third World yet.)

47m53s— Microaggression of the Week. (Doing the multiculti cringe.)

49m23s— Tales from the Miss Bum Bum Mansion. (Lots of bottom, not much personality.)

51m58s— A deft weaving of themes. (Sino-Austrian harmony.)



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