Zeno, Thou Shouldst be Living at This Hour, Making Big Bucks as a DIE Consultant
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Yesterday, in “Thirsty Small Children Must Go to the Back of the Bus,” we pondered the news out of Seattle that a century-old building had added a second water fountain to be Americans with Disability Act-compliant, but decided to keep the old water fountain for the benefit of small children. But then it was pointed out that having two water fountains would be a triggering reminder of Jim Crow, so the old fountain was dismantled.

iSteve commenter Daddybob suggests:

NEXT ON SEATTLE’S AGENDA: Walling off the back third of each city bus because that’s where the black people had to sit during segregation two thousand miles from Seattle.

iSteve commenter Last Real Calvinist responds:

That’s not good enough. The back of the bus needs to be eliminated.

But once the back of the bus has been removed, there will be a new ‘back of the bus’ . . . .

No worries; according to Zeno’s Paradox, the back of the bus can be removed infinitely, and there will always be some bus left over.

This sums up the logic behind a lot of progressive ‘thinking’, actually.

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