Yes, Catholics Can Vote For Trump
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I asked a friend who is a Catholic priest whether a Catholic can vote for Donald Trump without committing a mortal sin, given his political shifts, shakiness on abortion and the things he has said and done.

Answer: Yes, a serious Catholic can vote for Trump. And given what my friend said, I add this: anyone who cares about the unborn can safely vote for Trump because he will attempt to stop the immivasion of pro-abortion Democrat voters.

A Catholic can vote for Trump, my friend says, because Trump “is a Republican.”

Being a Republican, he will bring seven or eight thousand people to Washington, many or most of whom will be pro-life. I don’t think Trump is pro-abortion, except for the so-called exceptions. But the exceptions are not a federal matter, anyway. It’s the states that determine those things. The Constitution is never going to list the exceptions.

Rubio is just the understudy for Jeb. Voting for Rubio is a vote for the Bush crime family. Cruz is a weirdo.

[A friend] told me that in the 1980s, Reagan and Jesse Helms were working together on a major pro-life bill, in which Congress would have declared personhood. This would have overturned Roe v. Wade. People at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops told [the friend] that the bishops were against it, because they were afraid that if Reagan did something major against abortion, too many Catholics would become Republicans. The bishops lobbied in Congress against the idea.

No other candidate is serious about the Mexican-Muslim invasion. Trump is the only candidate promising to do something about it. Either Trump gets elected, or the bishops will destroy the pro-life movement with all their new pro-abortion voters.

In a homily about papal infallibility, a priest at a distant church I attend occasionally said Donald Trump, not Pope Francis, held the true Catholic position on immigration. Catholic teaching does not demand open borders or unlimited immigration, as the pope and the bishops suggest, and the details about immigration policies are matter on which Catholics of good faith can disagree.

Anyway, more immigration means more abortion because immigrants vote for pro-abortion Democrats. But perhaps because so many of the bishops are leftists, as the story about the Reagan-Helms bill shows, that is fine.

Bottom line: If you’re Catholic and you care about the unborn, you can vote for Donald Trump.


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