"Without Immigrants, This Country Wouldn't Be Anything"
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[An assertion by Anna Benitez, 15, who has lived here a whole ten years - School Walkouts Protest Immigration ProposalsLos Angeles Times, March 24, 2005]

Is that so? And which immigrants?

The reality of this heavily-publicized wave of demonstrations was well caught by the report's second paragraph:

The atmosphere was festive as 500 Huntington Park High School students waved Mexican flags, held balloons colored green, white and red, and periodically broke into cheers of "Mexico! Mexico!"

In other words: Reconquista.

Sometimes, it is well to remind ourselves that political violence does not necessarily involve bloodshed, just as conquest does not always mean using weapons.

Meantime, the President's pompous radio harangue on immigration today, though strewn with resonant references to the need for cultural assimilation and more efficient border management, fails the acid test of "Birthright Citizenship" reform. As VDARE.com has constantly stressed, this question decisively sorts between the cheap labor hogs—for whom "guest worker" programs should be enough—and those whose real objective is the transformation of this country.

President Bush, clearly, is in the latter camp.

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