The Root Cause of Our Problem with the Senate Judiciary Committee: Specter's Parents
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Capitol Hill friends and confidantes that have attended various Senate Judiciary Committee hearings have told me that on more than one occasion Chairman Arlen Specter has admitted his bias for more immigration comes because his parents were Jewish immigrants. Specter's father is from the Ukraine; his mother, Russia.

Specter repeated his position on Sunday's ABC News "This Week with George Stephanopoulos"

Think about it: because Specter's parents (two people) came (legally) to the U.S. from Eastern Europe more than seven decades ago, he wants to admit 30 million more immigrants to the country over the next ten years. (Read the details here)

Specter is a disgrace. And his position is an outrage to every American that is indefensible under any circumstance by anyone, at anytime, in anyplace.

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