Why The Eritrean Immigrant Who Hit White Female ("Non-binary") Protesters Was In America: Refugee Resettlement
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After a week of spotty news about the driver who struck two BLM protesters in a group blocking Interstate 5 in Seattle, more details are trickling out about the whole incident.

Dawit Kelete, the driver of the Jaguar sedan in the Interstate 5 incident, is from "originally from" Eritrea and is a US citizen [$1.2 million bail for driver that hit 2 Seattle protesters, by Martha Bellisle, Associated Press, July 7, 2020]. The expression "originally from" in a story like this is a way of not saying "immigrant," and whenever a naturalized immigrant kills someone, the MSM announces his American citizenship with great speed. See "Kneejerk MSM Reaction #4: "Syed Rizwan Farook, A 28-Year-Old American Citizen" from the San Bernardino immigrant mass murder.

The people he struck were white Transgenders and had been part of a BLM group blocking the main north-south Interstate for 19 days.

Why are Eritreans in Seattle? Seattle is a center for Eritreans in the U.S. Most came as refugees between 1989 and 1993 to escape fighting between the Ethiopians and Eritreans. The refugees were followed by their family members being "reunited" with their families in America.

Back in Africa, the Ethiopians and Eritreans continued fighting for years and now seem to have achieved peace since 2018. Who knows how long the peace will last?

In Seattle, there are some important questions about this BLM event and the ensuing death of a protester. Why did the State Patrol and Governor Inslee allow BLM protesters to block the main north-south Interstate in Washington for 19 days? It took a death to finally stop the idiocy.

Governor Inslee did not stop it. The State Patrol stopped it. The Governor has done nothing and said nothing.

And more questions. . .Why did America move thousands of Eritreans to our country? Why did America move thousands of Ethiopians to our country? Were our politicians trying to save them from each other?

Because of the coronavirus, refugee resettlement has been temporarily halted. What will happen after the virus passes? Will America continue to try to save the world by moving millions more here?

The last questions: Have Eritrea and Ethiopia been saved? What will it take to stop the refugee salvation idiocy?




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