Why Was Eritrean Who Ran Down Two White Female BLM Protesters In The US?
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A black driver with an Eritrean name ran down two white female protesters and it's being blamed on white supremacy as usual.

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Gateway Pundit seems to feel the driver wasn't entirely at fault:

Two women activists were hit by a car last night in downtown Seattle early in the morning on July 4th.

The women activists were standing on the interstate at 1:30 AM.

The protesters were wearing black on the highway at 1:30 AM.

The car suffered front grill and windshield damage.

The driver was in custody but was not impaired when he hit the women on the highway.

The driver was later identified and doxxed by Antifa.

The man D**it K***te was just driving down the interstate when he ran up on the protesters at 1:30 AM.

The local antifa is calling him “a racist monster.”

The driver is black.

Driver Involved in I-5 Seattle Collision of Female Protesters at 1:30 in Morning Is Doxxed — Antifa Calls Him “Racist Monster” but He’s Black, by Jim Hoft, July 4, 2020

But it's silly to talk of Dawit Kelete being doxxed and to hide his name with asterisks as Gateway Pundit does, above. The imporant thing to ask is "Why are Eritreans in our country?"

Linda Thom emails

Dawit Kelete, a black man, drove into a BLM protest which was blocking Interstate 5 in Seattle. He struck two white women who are seriously injured and are at Harborview Hospital, a major trama center in Seattle.
Kelete speaks some Tigrinya which is a language of Eritrea. Reading his bio details, one might guess is that he is the American son of immigrants from Eritrea. 
The original spin on the story in many media releases was that his actions might be racially motivated but this was not a white man driving into two black protesters. Perhaps some assumed that he was white because he was driving a jaguar and that the BLM protesters must have been black.
Perhaps he was ticked about protesters blocking the freeway and was trying to get around them. It will be interesting to see how quickly this story goes poof as it doesn't fit the narrative.
Meanwhile,  Mayor Jenny Durkin's comments that Seattle was the City of Love seem not to be working out very well. 

Dawit may be innocent, but why do we have Eritrean drivers in Seattle? Steve Sailer has called for a "National Immigration Safety Board" to investigate deaths caused by immigrants, not just murders, but car accidents as well.

Sound like a good idea.

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