White Male Fire Chief—"It's Certainly Not Something We're Proud Of"
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Linked to Steve Sailer's "Firewatchers:" item below is a quote from fire Chief Robert Gorvett.[Email him] in suburban Hoffman Estates:,
"We openly acknowledge the fact that we're all white men," Gorvett said. "It's certainly not something we're proud of."

Female firefighters blazed a trail that few followed, By Dahleen Glanton, Chicago Tribune, June 25, 2011

I'm aware that being proud of being white is something that's specifically forbidden, and if accused of being white and male myself, all I can say is I was born that way.

It may be that pride of race is irrational because, like being proud of being born wealthy or being born an Earl, it speaks only a extreme skill in choosing your own parents.

However if, under modern-day conditions, a fire company or a SEAL Team is composed only of white males, they probably should take pride in it because they have achieved a victory over affirmative action by hiring only those people who passed the test.

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