When Mama Ain't Happy...
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According to a London Sunday Times poll (here), Britons - especially women - are calling for a serious crackdown in immigration restrictions (reports Isabel Oakeshott).

The general numbers report that 63% of the poll takers think immigration restrictions should be "much tougher", and 28% believe immigration is "generally bad" for Britain. Indeed, about the same number of people think that Britain should close the borders completely as believe that immigration is "generally good" (11% and 14%, respectively).

Most noteworthy:

In a striking finding, women of all ages appear to be particularly hostile to the number of foreigners settling in the UK — with many deeply sceptical that it is benefiting Britain.

(Please excuse the following gratuituous linkage, but I'd like to make a point.)

Call me sexist, but I'm not surprised the crime, harrassment, fragmented community, chauvinism and increased daily struggles (think: ordering a Happy Meal) got to us girls first. We often bear the brunt of it.

You know the old southern saying, "when Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." I presume the same holds true across the pond.

This isn't just a man's fight. Now let's start seeing some results.

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