A North Carolina Reader Wonders If Bush Is Talking About McDonalds
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From:  Debbie Forrest [e-mail her]

Re: Don Collins Column: Is Anyone Minding the Immigration Store? Doesn't Seem So

I just read Collins's piece on jobs Americans won't do and wondered if Bush is also talking about McDonald's and Burger King.

Two of my daughters applied. My youngest one (25) went to McDonalds and was asked if she had a high school diploma. When she said no, her interview ended.

But I wondered. When I went through the window to order, a Hispanic employee could not understand me. Did she have a diploma from a U.S. high school?

My middle daughter, a dental lab technician by profession was hired at Burger King for $6.25 hour.

Bush needs to change his refrain of "jobs Americans won't do" It's "jobs that Americans can't afford to do" because we don't live 12-15 in one dwelling.

Like most Americans, I am sick of the bureaucratic nonsense when it comes to illegal immigration.

Dig a moat the length of the border, take the dirt and build up the levees in New Orleans, fill the moat with water and bring over alligators from Florida to put in the moat.

Forrest has lived in North Carolina most of her life and is actively involved in defending the rights of American citizens. 

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