A Texas Mother Is Outraged By A Violent Illegal Alien Crime
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From:  Jamey Duckworth [e-mail her]

When I read the story about the two illegal aliens living in Texas, Javier Guzman Martinez and Noel Darwin Hernandez, who ran a young woman off the road, then raped and beat her, I asked myself: "How much more?" [Woman Says She Was Run Off Road, Raped, Dallas Morning News, June 30, 2006]

The story chills and enrages me. I never thought I would say this but it's time to buy two guns, one for me and one for my daughter, and take some lessons.

I can't imagine the victim's terror or the emotions of her family. Her attackers are animals and anger is too gentle a term to describe what went through my mind as I read the account of this 18-year-old's ordeal. 

Duckworth, who has a college-age daughter, worked at Enron.

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