What We Have Here Is A Failure To Assimilate
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In my experience answering the phone at home, a big fraction of grunts doing those obnoxious cold-call telephone sales pitches have noticeable accents, indicating they're immigrants (or, perhaps, illegal aliens). The apparently large foreign-born contingent working these mundane and unappealing jobs is consistent with what Center for Immigration Studies honcho Mark Krikorian has said:

People imagine [that we have] "Einstein immigration," the best and the brightest, the cream of the crop, yada, yada, yada. Well, there's some of that, but it's mainly a "bunch of B students from Hyderabad Community College."

Recently Arkansas immigration-sanity stalwart Sharon Stark put up with one of those pitches — or, at least, its opening line. As she described it in an email to her list:

Just got a call on my office line, Born Free, Inc.

Heavily accented person asked to speak to "Mr. or Mrs. Inc."

I lost it!!!

I said if you knew English you would know that "Inc." stood for "incorporated" and was not a surname.

There is no Mr. or Mrs. "Inc."!

Oh, well, another day in the life of a self-destructing nation.

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