Long Island's Restrictionist Steve Levy For Governor?
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Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy has normal views on illegal immigration, [see previous coverage] but he's a Democrat. He's thinking of running for Governor of New York State, but he may have to run as a Republican:
"This move by Levy doesn't come as any big surprise. It has been speculated for some time that he has statewide aspirations, and perhaps might even be willing to run on the GOP line.

Dawidziak confirmed that running on Row B is indeed something Levy would "have to seriously consider" if the opportunity arose, although he added: "To me that has to be something that has to be offered and not sought."

Levy's conservative bent has brought him a considerable degree of criticism, particularly where the topic of immigration is concerned."

Levy For Gov?, By Elizabeth Benjamin, NY Daily News, January 3, 2010
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