What In The World? MECHA School Out Of Control!!
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The story is being followed by several people including Michelle Malkin and WorldNetDaily.

Here's the breakdown:

There is a La Raza sponsored, MeCHA-esque charter school (a public school funded by taxpayers) in Los Angeles causing an awful lot of controversy as of late. From a Reconquista radical, racist Principal (Marcos Aguilar) to an appalling curriculum (think Aztec Dancing and Tai Chi) this school is a nightmare!

In fact, my column tonight takes a closer look the curriculum, faculty and academic objectives of Academia Semillas del Pueblo.

HOWEVER...the story this afternoon is about a reporter for KABC who was assaulted this morning while trying to interview the Principal among others at the school.

You won't believe this...or maybe you will.

WorldNetDaily just released the latest details of this terrifying and still unfolding story:

Reporter claims assault at 'racist' public school; Principal allegedly gave orders to 'thug' who drove on curb, tackled radio man by Art Moore 6/01/06]

If you're as appalled as we are by the behavior of this public school, check back in this evening for more background on Academia Semillas.

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