Wisdom in the San Francisco Chronicle!!!
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The San Francisco Chronicle is definitely not where one would expect to find a powerful and incisive column promoting the immigration skeptic cause. Yet this is what appeared yesterday. [Listening to Legal Immigrants – Cinnamon Stillwell - Wednesday May 31 2006]

Discussing the “hundreds of e mail” she received following an acidic column denouncing the anti-white, leftist and revanchist tendencies of the pro- Amnesty demonstrations culminating in the May Day “Day without Immigrants", Stilwell is mainly interested that so many document the fury felt by large numbers of legal immigrants at the arrogant claim to privilege they saw on the streets:

Manny Madriaga of San Jose was not moved by the boycott, either: I am a small businessman and a naturalized citizen. I immigrated to the U.S. because it is a nation of laws and it has a vibrant democracy. Any group that shoves signs in our collective faces that they are above the law [does] not have a place in the United States of America.

Most of her reported correspondents are ordinary members of the public, but she does draw attention to the redoubtable Yeh Ling Ling, a prize exhibit for the argument that immigrants can indeed add value to their host countries.

In fact, immigrant skepticism of immigration goes far beyond simple resentment that others get easier access. Immigrants frequently bear the brunt of the damage done to wage rates, education services and healthcare by further floods of newcomers. Sometimes they are from a different ethnic group or social class than those coming later. And many, like Mr. Madriaga quoted above, came here as the result of a calculated, harsh decision – that America was in some sense, superior to their native land. They do not want the faults of the “Old Country” following them.

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