"British People"
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The despicable British MP George Galloway recently said that it would be "morally justified" for some random Jihadi to blow up the Prime Minister of England. Jay Nordlinger in National Review Online has a question that I think is fairly clueless:

Who keeps electing Galloway to office, by the way? He doesn’t live in a police state. He doesn’t shoot himself in. It’s British people—which is vexing, indeed.Jay Nordlinger, National Review Online, June 1, 2006

Er, no. Not exactly British people, as such.

Galloway represents Bethnal Green and Bow, a constituency dominated electorally by its 45,000 Muslims. To give you an idea, the Conservative candidate was Shahagir Bakth Faruk.

Galloway ran for the British parliament, in effect, not by running against Tony Blair's policy, which would be legitimate, but by running against Britain. He won. Britain lost.

His successful and bitter single-issue campaign to oust Oona King from one of the most Muslim seats in the country has secured his place in British political history.[BBC NEWS | Politics | Election 2005 | Galloway's East End street fight]

So, "British people" didn't vote for Galloway. What happened is that large districts of Britain are dominated by Muslims. That's vexing. It was preventable, too.


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