Was Holdout Juror In Chemirmir Trial Black? Well, If She'd Been White, They Would Have Said So
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Speaking of juries, here was another one, at a mass homicide trial in Dallas, Texas.

The accused here was Billy Chemirmir, who arrived here from Kenya on a tourist visa in 2003, stayed as an illegal alien for four years, then married a U.S. citizen and was given lawful residence.

Chemirmir was charged with murdering 24 elderly, mostly white,  Americans, ages from 75 to 94, average 85.1, from 2016 to 2018. He'd break into their residences, smother them with a pillow, and steal their belongings to sell online—a pretty straightforward business model.

The trial began November 15th, proceeded through that week, the jury went into deliberations, and…a mistrial was declared. The jury was deadlocked eleven to one, and that one was proving absolutely immovable [After jury remained 'hopelessly deadlocked,' judge declares mistrial for alleged serial killer Billy Chemirmir, by Ryan Osborne, WFAA, November 19, 2021].

We've been told the sex of the holdout: female. We haven't been told the race. Given that Chemirmir is black, I think the universal Derbyshire Rule applies: She must be black too. If she's white, they would have told us.

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