Why Is Immigrant Mass Murderer Billy Chemirmir's Trial Getting So Much Less Coverage Than Kyle Rittenhouse's?
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Earlier (2019): Immigrant Mass Murder, Alleged: Kenyan Immigrant Killed At Least A Dozen, Possibly Hundreds, Of Mostly White Elderly Women and, in 2021: DA: No Death Penalty For Black Immigrant Billy Chemirmir, Who Murdered At Least 18

John Binder, writing at Breitbart, has a very good report on the opening day of the Texas murder trial I told you about here:

Binder addresses Chemirmir’s immigration status.  I wonder if the sensational case will be mentioned by any other national outlets.

Murder Trial Begins for Accused Illegal Alien Serial Killer with Survivor Detailing Attempted Murder

It would be so helpful if readers spread the news of this horrific case far and wide!

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