VDARE.com Guadalupe Hidalgo Day Party: Celebrating America's Conquest Of The Southwest
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Earlier by Lydia Brimelow: Today Is Guadalupe Hidalgo Day: Party Like It's 1848!

As Lydia Brimelow promised, see above, the Brimelow family had a party to celebrate Guadelupe Hidalgo Day, the anniversary of America's victory in the Mexican War. (Modern-day American historians call this the Mexican-American war, and Mexicans call it "The U.S. Invasion," and get sniffy about the United States calling itself "America.")

Below, Peter Brimelow's daughters (aka "Our Posterity" ) celebrating with the aid of Texas chili and American cornbread:

If you attended an American high school (especially, believe it or not, in California) you may have been told that America was the bad guy in the Mexican War. This is wrong.

See below:

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