VDARE.com Blogger Correctly Predicts Hate-Hoaxer Skate
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In May of last year, I predicted that Johnathan Perkins, the hate hoaxer at the University of Virginia Law School, would

  1. not be denied a law degree
  2. be admitted to the bar
  3. find a law firm willing to hire him

See Now Taking Predictions on How Easily This Race-Hoaxer Skates.

It appears I was correct about 1) and 3).  As for 2), we'll have to wait and see.

Perkins, to refresh your memory, falsely accused UVA police of racist treatment.  The normally fair-minded David Lat at the Above The Law speculates it was the "high pressure environment" of a prestigious law school like UVA that might have caused him to buckle. [An Update on Johnathan Perkins  Did He Get His Law Degree?, By David Lat, Above the Law, January 10, 2012]  Please.  It was political correctness, all the way.  Blacks in America can make up tales of "racism" to their heart's content, and get away with it every time.  The Honor Committee saw a black man before them, and cut him loose.  End of story.

Perkins' new home, Robinson & Geraldo, looks nice and cozy for him—check out the bio of Gerald Robinson, whose life and legal career seem to revolve around, well, his blackness.

What's a little fibbing about the man between us brothers, eh?

Now's a good time to renew the call for criminal penalties for race-hate hoaxes (not my idea originally, but it's a good one).  We all know that "bias" and "hate crimes" face criminal sanction.  So do "false reports" in most jurisdictions.  But the frequency with which this happens—and the devastating consequences for the (usually, but not always) white victims and community—call for this to be a special category of crime.

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