UK Blog Has Hysterics - Sean Gabb Writes For Evil!
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Sean Gabb’s essay for us last night on the fruits of abolishing Britain’s 800 year old rule prohibiting Double Jeopardy – the extremely dubious Show Trial convictions this month over the 1993 death of a black youth – seemingly coincided with a very long piece on Gabb by  a U.K. blog called Suboptimal Planet: Is Sean Gabb a racist?

Suboptimal Planet is a very young blog (started December 2009) and is probably written by a young blogger. The piece is a depressing demonstration of how crude emotionalism – hysteria in fact – has become considered intellectually valid and respectable where the discussion of racial matters is concerned.

Exhibit A in the indictment of Gabb is that he writes for No signs that what Gabb wrote has been actually read – or anything else on the site for that matter –

For all I know, they make some perfectly valid points, but it's not the sort of site that most British people, even British libertarians, would be prepared to associate themselves with. Alarm bells ring loudly.

This is after the following response to a comment by Gabb elsewhere that

“…everyone knows that the overwhelming majority of interracial crime in Britain and America is black on white.”

Suboptimal Planet:

It should be easy enough to establish whether Gabb's claim is true, but true or not, few people would be prepared to state it as plainly.

The pitiful thing is that Suboptimal Planet does eventually wander into a halfway reasonable position

Racists should be free to hold their views, and to go about their business, so long as they don't infringe on the similar rights of others…

and actually suspects the problem

…perhaps I've been indoctrinated by the multiculturalist hegemonic ideology

Maybe Suboptimal Planet will mature. But such trembling deference to conventional opinion to the exclusion of the consideration of facts is unpromising.

So it was refreshing to find the far more sophisticated and seasoned blog Mangan’s had noted my piece Then They Came For Pat Buchanan in Buchanan Off MSNBC  - and drawn sound conclusions:

...this particular instance isn't a matter of this network, which after all bills itself as liberal, not wanting Buchanan's commentary, but a matter of PC becoming so intense that views that were mainstream not so long ago are now no longer a matter for discussion and are considered hateful…being concerned about "the European and Christian core" of the USA is off the table as a matter for debate.

 Seems as if none of the presidential candidates will mention this either; most of them don't even dare to say much about immigration.

It drew a good comment:

Since when is discussing the end of white America prohibited? Tim Wise did it. The NY Times runs articles every month counting down the years until it is a reality.

The only thing prohibited is lamenting the end of white America. If you welcome it, you will have a forum.

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