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South Park Immigration Reformers? [Peter Brimelow] - 04/18/05

Our War Against Christmas Competition 2002 included an article by Kevin Beary on a scatological and shocking (to me) Christmas episode of the TV show South Park.  We were immediately denounced by a rabidly hostile reader who, however, described himself as a "South Park Republican." I didn't believe that such a creature existed. But now Brian Anderson has written a book called South Park Conservatives. And in his April 18, 2005 interview in Human Events, he makes a perfectly civil reference to "the paleocons at VDARE." So maybe I was wrong. But I still suspect there are no South Park immigration reformers—perhaps readers with stronger stomachs can let us know?

Upgraded—From Xenophobes To Nativists! [D. A. King] - 04/18/05

As someone who is active in trying to focus attention on the illegal immigration crisis in our nation, I am happy to see that Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial page editor Cynthia Tucker has the issue on her mind.

She has written another column (OUR OPINION: Have Bush toil for immigrants, April 17, 2005) on the topic. She feels Bush should "put aside his Social Security roadshow (which isn't gaining any support, anyway) so he can expend some political capital on immigration reform."

That's two in two months in the AJC here. (To see her last attempt, click here, to see my thoughts on it, click here.)

Tucker has gone from referring to anyone who demands that our border be secured and our laws enforced as "xenophobes" and "anti-immigration zealots" in February, to labeling us "nativists" in April.

While I cannot be sure, this may represent a softening of her position.

Maybe by June, anyone with the temerity to demand that our borders be secured against fanatical Muslims and Latino  illegal entries and that American law be equally applied to everyone in America will be called simply…aware citizens who are in the majority?

Between now and then, it may help Tucker if we remind her that we tried an amnesty in 1986, then for 3 million illegals.

Now we have 20 million with about 10,000 coming in each day.

Maybe if we ask Tucker, she will educate us on how legalizing this colonizing mob and granting them driver's licenses will work to secure American borders.

Here in Marietta, we think the fact that the president of the United States refuses to honor his oath of office is confusing Ms. Tucker. [Email her]

It sure confuses me.

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