Bush Welcomes Alien Invasion—In Roswell, NM!
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In the wake of his State of the Union speech touting his administration's illegal alien non-deportation scheme a.k.a. the "Temporary Worker Plan," President Bush again spoke all too candidly in selling this stealth amnesty last week— in a little-noted speech made appropriately, in Roswell, New Mexico.

Roswell is notorious as the site of the mythical alien invasion over fifty years ago. But this time the President of the United States openly welcomes the aliens

The President's musings on the needs of "people" to work in the United States in order to "put food on the table" are released in all of their splendor on the White House web site in both English and Spanish under the (significantly evasive?) title of "President Discusses America's Leadership in Global War on Terror—Remarks by the President on the War on Terror."

Note that there's no mention of the de facto illegal alien amnesty plan and the President's now trademark "willing worker" mantra in the official White House fact sheet for the Roswell event.

VDARE.com's own James Fulford already reported on how the State of the Union speech was cunningly edited in Spanish translation to delete a specific reference to "American life."

But, disgracefully, the President's remarks in Roswell didn't need to be edited.  They came politically corrected already—straight from the President's mouth.

In analyzing the language of the Roswell speech, the needs of "people" (70 references) appear to be foremost for the Commander-In-Chief. The "American people" (6 references) don't get the same attention.

The President's only reference to "fellow citizens" was in expressing disdain for corporate scandal, in that "we had a problem with some of our fellow citizens telling the truth."

Not to shock you, my fellow Americans, but the President of the United States only mentioned the word "Americans" once in his entire Roswell speech.  Savvy VDARE.com readers may have guessed what that mention was already.  Read it and weep:

"We've got people doing jobs in America that Americans won't do."

So was the President wrong earlier in the speech when he boasted that "[w]e've got the best work force in the world"?

Come to think of it though, he didn't come out and say that Americans are the best workers in the world.  Instead, he said "work force"—which actually includes both Americans and foreign nationals.

The Roswell remarks were the latest window into what exactly is on the President's mind—that is, what could possibly make him do such a thing as use a perverse immigration policy to transform America from a sovereign nation into one big low-wage job fair for the world.

Some dare call the plan treason.

And they're right. If you believe that the President is elected to represent the interests of Americans, the "American people" and "our fellow citizens"—then the plan is indeed a treasonous betrayal.

But, incredibly, it may well be that the President really believes his higher calling is to "people" or "people doing jobs in America," rather than simply to his countrymen—that is, Americans.  Listen to this:

"See, my attitude is, if somebody is looking for a job and can't find one, that says, no matter what the numbers look like, we still have got an issue in America.  We want people working.  We want people to be able to put food on the table."

However, we find out shortly thereafter in the President's speech that the unemployed "people" he's talking about aren't Americans at all. He went on:

"People are working and trying to put food on the table for a family in Mexico. [emphasis added]

"You've got to understand why they're here.  They're motivated out of the deep love of their children and their wife.  [VDARE.com note: who told President Bush that all illegal aliens are married with children?] They're working just as hard as any other mom or dad do for the same reason — they have an obligation and a responsibility.  Those people need to be treated with respect.  They need to be honored for their commitment to their families."

Yuck! Let's take a reality check here.

The President of the United States just went out of his way, in a speech on "America's Leadership in [the] Global War on Terror," to praise illegal aliens.  The "people" he is referring to are foreign nationals who entered the United States in defiance of American law or remained without authorization from the federal government . . . just like the 9/11 terrorists.

Although not necessarily out of context, the President later offered a curious justification for this madness regarding the Patriot Act:

"See it's a different kind of war.  We're in a different era.  We need to view law differently."

Through the "temporary worker plan," the President and his fellow amnesty enthusiasts apparently want to view federal immigration law "differently" too—they want to abandon it:. In Bush's words:

"And I think we need to be honest about what's taking place in America. After all, we're a country of the rule of law.  And we've got people breaking law.  And the question is how best to bring what's happening to light in an honest and legal way."

I beg to differ, Mr. President.  Americans have no obligation to make illegal aliens legal—much less, as he claims, to "honor" them.

Creating yet another amnesty fraud-magnet for illegal aliens may help some "people doing jobs in America." It may help some employers (and campaign contributors). But what about Americans?

Reports from Arizona and from last weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference speak of open revolt against the Bush Betrayal. Maybe that will get Bush's attention.

Obviously, his Oath of Office did not.

Juan Mann [send him email] is a lawyer and the proprietor of DeportAliens.com.

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