US Intelligence Is Declining Due To The Influx Of Poor, Uneducated People From South Of The Border
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Addtext com mjiwmduwnzeymzmAmerica's intelligence is declining because of Third World immigration 

Lance Welton pointed out that U. S. intelligence is declining, as is that of Russia. The U.S. has a problem that Russia does not.

Uneducated immigrants are driving down the overall IQ in the U.S. Poorly educated people are generally not as intelligent as well-educated people.  The overwhelming majority of U.S. immigrants are Hispanic, and they have much less education than do Asians and whites.

The Centers for Disease Control collect birth data for the entire country and publish annual reports on births in addition to a voluminous amount of Internet tables.  All numbers that follow are from the CDC.

In 1989, 3.9 million babies were born in the U.S. and 532,249 were Hispanic. In 2016, 3.95 million babies were born in the U.S. and 917, 447 were Hispanic, an annual increase of 385,000. The number of black and white births declined in that period. Annual births to whites dropped by 500,000. Asian births increased.

Currently, the Total Fertility Rate, nationally, is well below replacement at 1,829.5.  Only Hispanic women have replacement level TFR at 2,092.5.  Who are these Hispanic birth mothers? 

In 2016, half of Hispanic birth mothers were immigrants, 49 percent. Over half were unmarried, 53 percent, and one third had less than a high school education. One third were teenagers. What is distressing, is that native-born Hispanic women have equally bad numbers although they do appear to be slightly better educated than their immigrant peers.

In contrast, 254,471 Asian women gave birth in 2016 and 82 percent were immigrants.  Sixty-three percent had a Bachelor's Degree or higher.

In 2016, the lowest of the low were Central American birth mothers, 143,983 births.  Only 17 percent were U. S. born. Only 60 percent have at least a high school diploma. Keep in mind that the current surge across our southern border is coming from Central America. 

Are Hispanic women poor? Yes, they are. In 2016, Medicaid was the funding source for 60 percent of delivery costs. Medicaid pays for delivery regardless of immigration status of the mother. 

Another welfare program for prenatal and postnatal mothers is the Women, Infants, and Children supplemental nutrition program. This program is available to poor women and children regardless of immigration status. In 2016, 61 percent of Hispanic mothers and children received WIC benefits as compared to only 23 percent of Asian mothers. 

Declines in annual births to American women are being offset by the never-ending arrival of Third World, Hispanic immigrants. On many levels, over immigration from the Third World  is bad for our country.

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