Sean Trende On The Sailer Strategy, And Why Romney Lost: "The Drop In White Voters"
Print Friendly and PDF plays a role in saying things that other people can't say because of political correctness, things that then get picked up by the mainstream. The phenomenon was recently  mentioned by Kathy Shaidle [Once again: Yesterday’s ‘racist’ opinion is today’s mainstream news] and John Derbyshire John Derbyshire On The Dissident Right’s Role—Unearthing "Hate Facts"!]

It's important that the things we say are true, and provably true. We even provide references for people who don't want to quote us.

For example, James Kirkpatrick's column today says

Senator John McCain opines, in a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute,  that “anyone who is afraid that somehow our culture will be anything but enriched by fresh blood and culture, in my view, has a distorted view of history and has a pessimistic view of our future.” [Potential Foes in '08 See Eye to Eye on Illegal Immigration, CNS News, July 7, 2008]

We put in the citation and link to CNS so that pundits who want to quote this awful thing McCain said don't have to credit, since that would lead to them being harassed by Soros-funded groups with names like MediaMatters and RightWing Watch.

All that being said, Sean Trende's discovery of the white voter is not, apparently, based on our work, but a case of independent discovery of the same facts. Here's Trende's latest, and you can read the whole, but if you're a regular reader here, you're unlikely to be very surprised by the thesis.

The Case of the Missing White Voters, Revisited

By Sean Trende - June 21, 2013

With a cloture vote on the Senate’s immigration reform bill expected next week, countless commentators have expressed the view that if Republicans don’t sign on for reform, the party is doomed at the presidential level for a generation.

This is the first in a two-part series explaining why this conventional wisdom is incorrect. Signing on to a comprehensive immigration package is probably part of one way for Republicans to form a winning coalition at the presidential level, but it isn’t the only way (for more, I’ve written a book about this, as well as countless articles here at RCP). Today I’ll re-examine what was really the most salient demographic change in 2012: The drop-off in white voters. Next time, we’ll confront some of the assumptions embedded in the “GOP has to do this” argument head-on.[More]

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