Trump Administration Finally Turning Back Illegals At The Border, As Kritarchs Stage Sick-Out
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"Never let a crisis go to waste." Wise words from Rahm Emanuel.  The Trump Administration is being offered that chance on the Border and the Deep State.  The Administration appears to be moving to closing the borders, a closure with Canada has already been announced, and we will soon find out how many employers in the northern United States, Michigan especially, rely on illegal alien labor from Canada.  And it looks like a Mexican border closure is going to happen as well, including push-back of illegals crossing the border. 

But another opportunity is presenting itself, an opportunity to strike at the Deep State.  The saboteurs in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of the Principal Legal Advisor (OPLA), the ICE attorneys who are supposed to prosecute immigration cases, but seem more interested in throwing cases for the alien, are illegally talking to the press and the kritarchs in the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) are conducting an illegal strike.  Time for President Trump to treat kritarchs Ashley Tabaddor and Dana Leigh Marks like a PATCO striker.

It is illegal to strike in the Federal government, including an organized sick-out, and participants can be fired, but ICE OPLA attorneys are looking to set up a strike because of the China virus.

The Department of Justice “has made it clear in recent days that they do not value the health and safety of their own employees, much less the health and safety of DHS counsel, respondents, and respondents attorneys,” said one ICE prosecutor, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they could not comment publicly. “It’s pretty shocking to see. I hope they do the right thing and shut down the courts immediately for the welfare of all involved.”

[Immigration Judges Across The US Are Staying Home After The Coronavirus Hit Courtrooms, by Melissa Segura, BuzzFeed, March 18, 2010]

Happily though, for the Trump Administration, the union for the EOIR kritarchs has apparently organized a sick-out.

Immigration judges in New York and San Francisco stayed home from work Tuesday, and their union announced a judge in Denver had COVID-19 symptoms and an Atlanta attorney tested positive.

In immigration courtrooms in New York and San Francisco Tuesday, large numbers of judges stayed home from work as their union announced that a judge in Denver had symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, and in Atlanta an attorney tested positive for the virus — just one day after he appeared in a crowded courtroom.

The move comes as many parties on opposite sides in the nation’s sprawling immigration court system have come together to demand that the Department of Justice temporarily halt court proceedings amidst the global pandemic — something the agency has thus far refused to do.

This is an opportunity to fire each and every one of the kritarchs that participated in this illegal sick-out.  And an old saboteur is back in the news again, Dana Leigh Marks.


Kritarch Dana Leigh Marks

Dana Marks, a 65-year-old judge in San Francisco and former president of the union, said she stayed out Tuesday after California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered that those 65 and older should stay in their homes.

She said she and everyone else in the court system had “been unnecessarily placed in a quandary: do we come to work as is expected,” she asked, “or do we follow the local guidance from health department officials?” She added: “We are very much between a rock and a hard place because DOJ has not closed the courts as we have repeatedly demanded.”

I hope she was one of the kritarchs who falsely called in sick.  It is illegal to use leave, especially sick leave, as a cover for an illegal strike.  It is also a crime to falsely use sick leave in general.  Kritarchs who do this can be prosecuted for theft of government monies, Title 18 United States Code Section 641, Theft of Public Money, and making a false statement on a sick leave request form, Standard Form SF-71, Request For Leave Or Approved Absence, a violation of Title 18 USC 1001, False Statements.

The Chinese Virus is further an opportunity as the Trump Administration is looking at a southern border closure of some sort, including push-back of illegal entrants without any proceedings.

The Trump administration is reportedly planning to turn back all asylum-seekers at both the northern and southern borders over concerns regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

Four administration officials told The New York Times on Tuesday that the policy would apply to asylum-seekers and any other migrant seeking to cross the border illegally.

Ports of entry would remain open to American citizens, green card holders and some foreigners with proper documentation as well as commercial traffic, according to the report.

Under the new policy, which the officials said would be announced within 48 hours, migrants crossing the border between the points of entry would be shuttled back to Mexico if they are crossing the southern border and would not be held for any amount of time in the U.S.

The officials said the policy is intended to prevent a coronavirus outbreak inside detention facilities, which they feared could infect large numbers of Border Patrol agents, thus softening border defenses.

[Trump Admin To Begin Turning Back All Undocumented Immigrants, Asylum-Seekers At Borders: Report, by Tal Axelrod, The Hill, March 18, 2020]

Never let a crisis go to waste.  President Trump has an opportunity to both strike at the Deep State that is sabotaging immigration enforcement and shut down the border to illegal aliens and bypass the deportation process by pushing back all illegal entrants.  As Nike says, Just Do It!

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