Idiot Immigration "Judge" Ashley Tabaddor Makes Crazed Attack On As "Anti-Semitic" Because Of The Word "Kritarch" (Which Is Greek)
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A recent blog by Federale referred to immigration "Judge" Ashley Tabaddor as a Kritarch. (The quotation marks around "judge" are because immigration judges are Executive Branch bureaucrats, not Article III judges, and are actually represented by a labor union, believe it or not.)

We think the blog post was Bill Barr Moving To Control The Immigration "Judges" By Decertifying Their Union. We can't be sure, because neither "Judge" Tabbador nor the Buzzfeed report below actually specify it, because is powerful juju and Must Not Be Named.

Someone in the Justice Department included Federale's blog in an internal roundup of immigration news because it was, well, news. But Bureaucrat Tabsaddor doesn't like news, or truth:

A letter Thursday from union chief Ashley Tabaddor to James McHenry, the director of the Justice Department’s EOIR, said the link to the VDare post angered many judges.

“The post features links and content that directly attacks sitting immigration judges with racial and ethnically tinged slurs and the label ‘Kritarch.’ The reference to Kritarch in a negative tone is deeply offensive and Anti-Semitic,” wrote Tabaddor. The VDare post includes pictures of judges with the term “kritarch” preceding their names.

Tabaddor said the term kritarchy is a reference to ancient Israel during a time of rule by a system of judges.

“VDare’s use of the term in a pejorative manner casts Jewish history in a negative light as an Anti-Semitic trope of Jews seeking power and control,” she wrote.

Tabaddor called on McHenry to take immediate action over the distribution of white nationalist content.

The Justice Department Sent Immigration Judges A White Nationalist Blog Post With Anti-Semitic Attacks, by Hamed Aleaziz, BuzzFeed, August 22, 2019. Emphases added.

Nonsense. There are various Greek words referring to forms of government that have the syllable "-archy" at the end, because "Archon" is the Greek word for ruler.  There's "anarchy," rule by no one, "oligarchy," rule by a small number of people, "monarchy," rule by one person, and "kritarchy," rule by judges. Our position, and the position of many patriots, is that judges, real and faux, are acting as if they are rulers, attacking the laws made by democratically elected legislators and decisions made by the President for reasons having nothing to do with the law or the Constitution. See Peter Brimelow On Judicial Imperialism In FORBES...THIRTY YEARS AGO!

As I say, these are Greek words, which is why it really strange that Bureaucrat Tabaddor should declare calling her a Kritarch anti-Semitic. (Ms. Tabaddor is an Iranian-American herself—see Iranian-American Immigration Judge Ashley Tabaddor In Hot Water Ordered To Recuse Herself On Iranian Cases, Files "Civil Rights" Beef.)

I repeat, this is complete nonsense. If Bureaucrat Tabaddor had read a little further in the Wikipedia page on "kritarchy,"  she would have noted that in addition to the judges mentioned in the Book Of Judges in the Old Testament, there are, or have been, functioning kritarchies in Somalia, Ireland, Iceland, and, arguably, the present-day United States.

An example, featuring a genuine Article III judge, may be seen in my own blog Treasonous Hawaiian Judge Does It AGAIN—Insists Constitution Prevents Trump From Blocking Immigration From Terrorstan.

That was about the Travel Ban (later upheld by the Supreme Court). But it reminds me to link to another believer in Kritarchy: the New York Times. Its February 8, 2017 editorial After Mr. Trump’s Din, the Quiet Grandeur of the Courts  showed, not for the first time, that  New York Times simply does not believe in democracy.

"Kritarchy" as practised in the modern United States is where people vote, Congress passes a law, and a judge throws it out for no reason other than that he can.

Bureaucrat Tabaddor's false and inflammatory attack on us is a classic case of speaking Power to Truth.

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