Immigration "Judge" Dana Leigh Marks In
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Immigration "Judge" Dana Leigh Marks is back in the news, again.

Like the Terminator, Marks is single minded and relentless in pursuit of her mission, not the assassination of a single person, but the assassination of a country.

Marks is an ambitious woman, she wants to be a real Kritarch (kritarchy means rule by judges ) not serving at the pleasure of the President, but a Kritarch with a life-time appointment, a few clerks to do her work for her, and the safety to implement her own amnesty for illegal aliens.

And it appears that Conservatism, Inc. is in on the game. Uncritically, has story and video about her demand for a life-time appointment and millions of more dollars for the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). September 22, 2014 by Townhall Staff

Capitol Source: Federal Immigration Judge Claims Courts Are 'Resource Starved'

Immigration courts receive less than 2 percent of the $18 billion dollars annually allocated to immigration law enforcement, according to federal immigration judge Dana Leigh Marks. In this week's Capitol Source, two federal immigration judges explain why their courts are underfunded, understaffed, and overflowing with pending cases.

Marks recommends millions more for her and her fellow Kritarchs all based on a claim that immigration cases are taking too long. Of course, those cases are taking too long, but that is not a bug, but the plan, as in immigration law, justice delayed is always favorable to the alien, as what an alien fears is expeditious review of their case and deportation. The rule in immigration courts is the alien always wins in the end. The longer in court, the greater the number of arguments in favor of the alien to remain.

However, it is clear that expeditious removal of aliens is not in Marks' plan, but an amnesty, as she claims that deportation is the equivalent of capital punishment.[Immigration judge: Death penalty cases in a traffic court setting By Dana Leigh Marks, Special to CNN, June 26, 2014] Remember as well, it is immigration "Judges" who are the source of the delay in immigration court, Kritarch John Bryant has delayed hearings for illegal alien juveniles for 4 years, instead of ordering immediate deportation for aliens with no legal basis to stay! More shocking is that in the past, immigration Judges under the direction of a strong executive have quickly removed other surges of illegal aliens, but only under strong, patriotic Attorneys General like Edwin Meese.

Worse though is the uncritical transcription of her mendacious claim by the so-called journalists at Townhall and Hot Air. It appears that like Red State, the AdelZucks Axis has purchased Townhall and its subsidiaries, as well as John Boehner.

The real solution is not more immigration "Judges," bigger budgets, or a life-time appointment, but the return of deportation decisions to the enforcement arm of the immigration agency through a radical expansion of expedited removal to all classes of aliens, other than legal permanent residents not convicted of one or more crimes. The only aliens with connections to the United States sufficient for any independent review are those aliens admitted for legal permanent resident. Other aliens, non-immigrants and those present unlawfully have no legal ties to the commonweal, and therefore should be removed without undue delay, which was the policy for many years prior to 1980.


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