Treason Lobby MSM Represses Even Democrats
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Googling around on the Immigration issue massively increases the awe in which one must hold the MSM’s ability to repress news in America.

Somewhere this week ”an immigration-policy conference” was held at which Rep Howard Berman, D- Calif — a Bad News Bear on immigration—was, perhaps, too candid for the taste of the news managers:

House Democratic leaders worried about the November election want to thwart enforcement-only immigration legislation supported by colleagues in districts where immigration is a hot-button issue, a leading House liberal said Thursday.

People who are very committed to comprehensive reform but who are charged with the responsibility for the next elections think about Lou Dobbs and the power of this issue in different local election contests," said Howard Berman, D-Calif.

Immigration-enforcement bill splits Democrats by Jerry Kammer, Arizona Republic, May 9, 2008

What this story demonstrates is that the Democrats are absolutely terrified by the immigration issue. (Listening, John McCain?—Aw, forget it.)

As Berman - nothing if not a professional Pol—said:

House Democrats want to avoid a vote on legislation that would require employers nationwide to check the legal status of all workers with a federal verification system.
But their problem is it is some of their newer and vulnerable colleagues, such as Rep Heath Shuler (D- NC) want to position favorably on the bill:
The bill's chief sponsor is Heath Shuler, a freshman Democrat from North Carolina, where a decade of heavy illegal immigration has roiled the political waters. Shuler is one of 10 Democrats who have signed a petition that seeks to force House leaders to schedule a vote on his bill. Meanwhile, 178 Republicans have put their names on the petition, bringing it within 30 signatures of the 218 it needs to force the issue.
Berman’s opinion:
if it came up for a vote, the measure would likely pass in the House, with support from nearly all Republicans and a group of Democrats determined to pre-empt campaign ads that might brand them as soft on illegal immigration.
The response:
Democratic leaders "have been working very hard to keep our Democrats from signing" the petition, Berman said. He spoke at a two-day conference in Washington, D.C.
Unsurprisingly the Arizona Republic’s story demonstrates that new Representative Gabrielle Giffords is a Treason Lobby member:
The issue has split Arizona's delegation along party lines. The four Republicans have signed it; the four Democrats have not. Two of the Democrats, Harry Mitchell of Tempe and Gabrielle Giffords of Tucson, are freshmen who won their 2006 races against hard-liners on illegal immigration.
It is not a surprise that House Democrats have a problem: a number won election in ’06 by lying about their attitude on immigration—and more particularly their party’s attitude—so they now face difficulties.

Not if the MSM can help it however: as far as I can Google, the Arizona Republic is the only outlet to mention Rep. Berman’s candid and undeniably interesting remarks.The Democrats have a problem. But America has a worse problem: extreme censorship on these issues by the MSM.

The Land of the Free! What happened?

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