Toby Gerhart Update
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Stanford's running back, whom I wrote about a few weeks ago, rushed for 223 yards on 38 carries in Stanford's 51-42 upset of #8 Oregon (who crushed USC last week). Toby Gerhart now has 1217 yards in 9 games and 16 touchdowns for 6-3 Stanford.

Phil Knight puts his Nike money into Oregon, so Oregon's offense is almost unstoppable — over 600 yards last week against USC, and this week 570 yards in only 22 minutes of possession. Stanford's strategy was to get the lead and have Gerhart use up the clock.

He has the opportunity to petition for another season of college eligibility because he missed all but one game of his sophomore year. I've got to imagine that some Silicon Valley bigshots who are Stanford alums would make it worth his while to do so, especially now that Stanford's freshman quarterback, Andrew Luck, looks like he'll be pretty good next year. Why go to the NFL and sit on the bench or get your body permanently wrecked as a pro running back when you can be the toast of Silicon Valley?

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