Is Eric Cantor (R-VA) any good?
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So Representative Eric Cantor (R-Va) feels it expedient to curry favor with the MSM by sneering at Rush Limbaugh, and smearing the patriots who prevented the election of the RNC-preferred RINO in NY-23 this past week:
Can it be? Another Republican leader taking on Rush Limbaugh? Apparently so. And that leader is Virginia's Eric Cantor, the second-highest-ranking GOP member in the House.
Eric Cantor takes on Rush Limbaugh, harsh GOP rhetoric Steve Padilla Los Angeles Times November 6 2009

This is derived from a Bloomberg News report

Cantor Calls for Inclusive Party, Criticizes Limbaugh Rhetoric by Lorraine Woellert November 7 2009

Cantor, when asked about Limbaugh's comments that "Adolf Hitler, like Barack Obama, also ruled by dictate" and his comparison of the administration's health-care logo to a swastika, said the comparisons were wrong ...Cantor, 46, said Republicans must stay unified if they are to win elections. "That's the lesson learned" from the Nov. 3 Republican gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia and the loss of a New York congressional seat in a race that divided the party... is not gung-ho about Rush. He and his staff resolutely fled from various credentialed attempts to get him to just consider the Alien Nation thesis when the book was published in 1996. As Peter Brimelow said at the time of the last CPAC Conference:
...there was another reason I skipped Limbaugh: I knew, from long observation, that notwithstanding his brilliant barn-burning delivery, he wouldn't actually say anything new, especially in the area of immigration and the National Question that are's focus. I think the NR editors are mediocrities intellectually and morally, but they do know a political risk when they see one, from long practice in not taking them. And they were quite right to say of Limbaugh, in their obviously uneasy editorial on the controversy: "His views are not extreme and his manner is not, for that matter, particularly angry..."
However, the fact is that he is at present, for Immigration Patriots, Conservatives, even GOPers, our Rat.

Is Cantor? As the only Jewish Republican Congressman, he comes under vicious community pressure, which calls for sympathy. But a thoughtful analysis of his Numbers USA ranking ( B) indicates that he is not just bad - he is dangerous.

This B rating (which puts him in the middle of the Virginia Delegation, 50th out of 176 among House Republicans, and 189th out of 535 all Congress) is achieved by subterfuge.

Cantor votes steadily for enforcement proposals. Any "Law and Order“ or even "Competent Government" - man really has no alternative.

But he utterly failed (F-) on votes to "Reduce Unnecessary Visas", did poorly (C) on "Amnesties". Even worse, he DODGED all votes on the "Anchor Baby Citizenship" question - the Jugular of the transformation of America effort.

It needs to be emphasized: Switzerland has quantitatively a similar immigrant issue to America. It is far less of a political threat because being born there does not make a Baby Swiss. Eric Cantor is in favor of transforming America. He opposes any effective measure to stop it. This is no surprise. His votes are probably the most extreme expressions of his prejudices his district can be fooled into tolerating.

This man deserves no place in the GOP House Leadership.

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