Sammy Sosa is Michael Jacksonizing his own skin
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November 08, 2009, 12:39 PM
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We haven`t had a good Sammy Sosa story in a while, so here`s a new one with pictures of how the ex-Cubs slugger is only half as dark as he used to be. Some of the difference is probably just the lighting in the latest picture — my passport photo, for example, is so overexposed that I look like Tilda Swinton`s dad`s ghost. Still, the article makes clear by the lengths to which Sosa`s PR agent goes on, that something is going on.

Steve`s Idea of the Day for Bored Reporters: show these pictures to White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. Record his comments. (For readers unfamiliar with his personality, here`s the video Ozzie Guillen Visits a Sick Child from the Chicago public access cable show We`re Geniuses in France.)

And from the always reliable Daily Mail of London, the umpteenth confirmation of Sailer`s Rule of Female Journalism:

Why are so many black and Asian women desperate to be white? By Yamin Alibhai-Brown
You might think that with all the media interest in this question, journalists might occasionally look up on Google something about anthropologist Peter Frost`s book Fair Women, Dark Men: The Forgotten Roots of Color Prejudice, which answers the question. But, nah, finding out the answer is hardly the point of asking, so Frost`s book is almost unknown. Frost, by the way, explain why Sammy`s new highly-contrasting-cheeks-and-lips look is not a good look for guys.