Sammy Sosa is Michael Jacksonizing his own skin
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We haven't had a good Sammy Sosa story in a while, so here's a new one with pictures of how the ex-Cubs slugger is only half as dark as he used to be. Some of the difference is probably just the lighting in the latest picture — my passport photo, for example, is so overexposed that I look like Tilda Swinton's dad's ghost. Still, the article makes clear by the lengths to which Sosa's PR agent goes on, that something is going on.

Steve's Idea of the Day for Bored Reporters: show these pictures to White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. Record his comments. (For readers unfamiliar with his personality, here's the video Ozzie Guillen Visits a Sick Child from the Chicago public access cable show We're Geniuses in France.)

And from the always reliable Daily Mail of London, the umpteenth confirmation of Sailer's Rule of Female Journalism:

Why are so many black and Asian women desperate to be white? By Yamin Alibhai-Brown
You might think that with all the media interest in this question, journalists might occasionally look up on Google something about anthropologist Peter Frost's book Fair Women, Dark Men: The Forgotten Roots of Color Prejudice, which answers the question. But, nah, finding out the answer is hardly the point of asking, so Frost's book is almost unknown. Frost, by the way, explain why Sammy's new highly-contrasting-cheeks-and-lips look is not a good look for guys.
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