Terry McAuliffe: Virginia Has Too Many White Teachers, Maliciously Passing Standardized Tests.
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Terry McAuliffe thinks it's a problem 50% of the students in Virginia schools are "students of color" and yet 80 percent of teachers are white. Solution: "So, let’s diversify!"

Steve Sailer tweeted "Establishment Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Virginia declares war upon his own voting base: nice white lady public schoolteachers."

Emerald Robinson chimed in with "Liberal white women are the Democrat base. Many of them are public school teachers, so I’m delighted to hear that they’re getting canceled too!"

I know what they mean: many schoolteachers are all in for diversity and Critical Race Theory, and will go along with whatever fads are going on. It was a white lady school teacher named Jane Elliott who started a lot of this multicult brainwashing in 1968.

But what the white schoolmarms of Virginia are doing to numerically dominate the profession of teaching the three Rs is that they're maliciously passing standardized tests at a higher rate than black teachers.

Some of this has to do with required certification exams. The problem with upgrading the requirements to teach school is that  it has a disparate impact on blacks.


Michelle Rhee got put in charge of the District of Columbia education system and started firing incompetent teachers. That meant that black teachers were losing their jobs... and DC Mayor Adrian Fenty losing his.

"...blacks also see the school system as a primary employer, providing jobs to thousands of teachers, school bus drivers, administrators and secretaries. When Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee laid off hundreds of teachers, many blacks saw … an assault on economic opportunity."

How D.C. Mayor Fenty lost the black vote - and his job, by Paul Schwarzman and Chris L. Jenkins, Washington Post,  September 18, 2010

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White female schoolteachers are frequently attacked in the newspaper specifically for being white:

A lot of that seems to because of school discipline, as if it's the white ladies fault that more black kids are sent to the principal's office for stabbing someone than white kids.

Even black teachers are racist if they try to discipline the kids:

And finally, Affirmative Action is less of a thing in teaching, because  promotion is less of a thing. The Grade 8 teacher with thirty years on the job gets paid more, but is doing basically the same thing she did when she started.

There's an exception to that, though:

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