Virginia's Mainstream Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Declares War On His Own Voting Base: Nice White Public School Teachers
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See also Terry McAuliffe: Virginia Has Too Many White Teachers, Maliciously Passing Standardized Tests.

Establishment Democrats like Joe Biden and Terry McAuliffe are increasingly saying the parts of the Democrats’ Coalition of the Fringes strategy they aren’t supposed to say out loud.

For example, public school teachers are, famously, a crucial Democrat voting bloc. But, because of education reforms in the later 20th century to improve the quality of teachers, there is less affirmative action in teacher employment at present than in many other occupations, such as public school administrator.

Because the only way to keep the Democrats’ Coalition of the Margins from turning into a circular firing squad is to direct all fire against the demonized devil: whites. But, lots of whites vote Democrat. Indeed, by actively supporting Democrats, they are encouraged to believe themselves forgiven for their original sin of whiteness.

But, in practice, less and less, these subtle distinctions among whites in terms of posited state of grace between Good Whites and Bad Whites that loom so large in Democratic-leaning white minds mean very little to sacralized Blacks and their increasingly simplistic racist Black good / White bad thought processes. So, you wind up with Clintonite Democrats like McAuliffe announcing that Steps Must Be Taken to deal with his own huge core constituency: white public school teachers.

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