Stop The Witch's Hunt! Hillary Clinton vs. Alt Right
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The whole world is waiting!

Hillary Clinton is reportedly giving a speech on Thursday trying to smear GOP Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump by associating him with the “Alt Right.”

The Alt Right is the name sometimes given to the group of websites and individuals who have broken with the corrupt, cowardly, intellectually bankrupt, Establishment Right. is often included in it (although I was writing about America’s immigration disaster before some of these Alt Right kids were born!)

The Alt Right surfaces issues that the Establishment Right won’t touch—of course most notably, from’s point of view, immigration.

We’ve been able to do that because of the internetand because of support from loyal and generous readers LIKE YOU.

Word about Hillary’s attack on the Alt Right has obviously gone out to her supporters in the Main Stream Media (= all of it). In the last few days, I’ve given an unprecedented number of interviews to MSM reporters, all obviously hoping to tie to Trump.

(Answer: there’s no tie—except that Trump is the best presidential candidate on immigration that we’ve ever had). That’s not saying a lot, goodness knows—but it’s a YUGE advance.

Word has obviously also gone out to the RATs [Republican Against Trump] who are working to sabotage the GOP candidate. One recent MSM report quoted no fewer than four of them expressing shock! and HORROR!! about the Alt Right—more than the number of Democrats quoted—including Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House and a notorious immigration enthusiast.

I don’t expect Clinton’s speech will be more than what we call Point-And-Splutter, just expressing outrage that anyone dare question the nation-wrecking immigration on which the Left has staked everything.

And it’s great that a Democratic Presidential candidate has finally been forced to respond, however wildly, to criticisms of immigration policy. Remember that the 1880-1924 Great Wave of immigration was ended in large part because of labor union opposition to its impact on wages. Now, however, the Left and the Democratic Party has abandoned the working class.

But what's not great: I expect Clinton’s speech to be just be the start of a renewed and even more ruthless effort to drive any discussion of immigration out of public debate.

I can’t see any other reason for her to take this approach. She’s not attempting to challenge Trump on the merits of his positions. She’s apparently just going argue Guilt By Association—what the Left used to call “McCarthyism.”

At we’ve chronicled this rising tide of Political Correctness and its many, otherwise unsung, victims—careers destroyed, lives ruined.

We’ve suffered from it ourselves—for some years, it’s been practically impossible for writers to get into the MSM. (Which is why the recent flurry of interview requests is so remarkable. Thanks, Donald!)

We didn’t care, because the internet has given us a way around the MSM gatekeepers. But, ironically, this is making the Left even more frantic—because they are terrified the immigration issue will get into politics before they have succeeded in Electing A New People.

When Obama was elected, I predicted he would push for “Hate Crime” laws—basically, increasing punishment for crimes against groups favored by the Left. (So much for Equal Protection).

He did, and now—as has repeatedly documented—those laws are being used to suppress working class dissent.

If Hillary is elected, I believe she will push “Hate Speech” laws—basically, anything she and Supreme Court Justices like Sonia (“Wise Latina”) Sotomayor and Elena (“Commissar”) Kagan don’t like.

She will attack internet providers and social media platforms.

It’s already happening—in Germany, and even in U.S.-style common law jurisdictions like Canada and Britain.

That’s why I must ask you to give to now—while you still can.

It’s a race against time. This year’s GOP Primaries—not just Trump, but also several other candidates—showed that our message of immigration patriotism is getting through.

Help us help this patriot movement become unstoppable—don’t let Hillary Clinton stop it!

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