Dave Weigel On Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, And Race Realists In The POST—They Made Him Change The Headline
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Jared Taylor is interviewed in the Washington Post by former Journolister Dave Weigel, who returned to the Post in 2015, a reporter who is not totally ignorant of the Alt Right:

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What I like is that they not only chose a ludicrously bad picture of the famously handsome Taylor, but they also had second thoughts and made Weigel change the headline. "Racist" is a bad word, and everyone claims not not be one, including the President, the First Lady, and both black Attorneys General.

Jared Taylor prefers "race realist" and that's what Weigel put in the headline. It's now been changed to "racialist", although the URL is still  https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/racial-realists-are-cheered-by-trumps-latest-strategy/2016/08/20/cd71e858-6636-11e6-96c0-37533479f3f5_story.html

Here's a sample, with emphasis added:

OAKTON, Va. — Jared Taylor hits play, and the first Donald Trump ad of the general election unfolds across his breakfast table. Syrian refugees streaming across a border. Hordes of immigrants, crowded onto trains.

“Donald Trump’s America is secure,” rumbles a narrator. “Terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. The border, secure; our families, safe.”

Taylor, one of America’s foremost “racialists,” is impressed and relieved. “That’s a powerful appeal,” he said. “If he can just stick to that, he is in very good shape.”

From his Fairfax County home, Taylor has edited the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance and organized racialist conferences under the “AmRen” banner. He said that Trump should “concentrate on his natural constituency, which is white people,” suggesting that winning 65 percent of the white vote would overwhelm any Democratic gains with minorities.

When Trump made Breitbart News CEO Steve Bannon his campaign’s chief executive last week, Taylor found reasons to celebrate. It was the latest sign for white nationalists, once dismissed as fringe, that their worldview was gaining popularity and that the old Republican Party was coming to an end.

The rise of the alt-right — named for the Alternative Right website that the “identitarian” nationalist Richard Spencer set up in 2010 and adopted by those opposed to multiculturalism and mass immigration — has come to define how many of its adherents see Trump. There’s less talk now about a “pivot,” or a moment when Trump will adopt the ideas of people that he conquered. His strategy now resembles the alt-right dream of maximizing the white vote — even as polling shows his standing with white voters falls short of Mitt Romney’s in 2012.

Trump’s newest speeches, read from a teleprompter, hit all of their favorite notes. “I don’t think Trump had mentioned ‘sanctuary cities’ previously,” Spencer said in an interview. “There’s reason to believe that Bannon is returning him to his powerful, populist message — indeed, honing it. [Former campaign chairman Paul] Manafort was turning Trump into a standard Republican, with the [Mike] Pence [vice-presidential] choice, the economic policy, talk of how ‘Hillary is the real racist,’ if not quite in those words. Bannon is making me hope again, making Trump Trump again.”

Although there is no data gauging the size of the alt-right, its adherents point to Trump’s primary victories as proof that their ideas have been winning. They are so active on social media, from Twitter to Reddit, that critics are beginning to feel overwhelmed.[More]

Like no one ever felt "overwhelmed" by being attacked by the entire Main Stream Media, including the Washington Post and its token conservatives. Lower down, Weigel quotes Peter Brimelow:

At this year’s American Renaissance conference, Trump’s success was a popular and unifying subject. Peter Brimelow, the founder of VDare.com — named for Virginia Dare, the first white person [JF: actually, English person] born in America — used his speech to mock the failure of the Republican establishment and ask whether white voters were ready to become the dominant political bloc.

“What the GOP needs to do is Southernize the white vote,” Brimelow said. “You need to have everybody in the country voting the way that Southern whites vote.”

There are absolutely no links in this story—I think the Post is afraid to link to us and Amren.com. The speech Weigel is quoting is “It Will Only Take One Election”—The Trump Tsunami vs. Clinton’s Coming Merkel-Style Immigration Surge.

Here's what you need to know about the Alt Right, "White Nationalism", Race Realism, and the Donald Trump campaign—we're intellectuals, not a conspiracy like Turkey's Gulenists, (or for that matter Journolist) and what we produce is ideas, like the idea of "Southernizing" the white vote. Did you know that Alabama white voted 84 percent for Romney?

Yes, it's true that blacks voted 95 or 97 percent the other way, but they're a minority.

Similarly, deporting illegals isn't a new idea—it's already the law, and only massive bipartisan corruption has kept it from happening.

The question isn't "Why is Trump using ideas that the Dissident Right likes?", but why has Conservatism Inc. been refusing to, when the ideas make so much sense, and resonate with the only people likely to vote Republican?

That might make a good interview in the Washington Post.


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