A Reader Says Trump Is Getting His Votes From Issues, Not Just Personality
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 From: "Balzerdash" [Email him]

The Trump-Cruz standoff hyped by the media plays the nomination like fighting dogs in a blood and guts B-movie. Trump is not getting votes from his brash imagery and speech, but rather from issues.

Exiting the media play, and entering analysis, it appears Trump does well for two main reasons;

A) He is not owned by the donors. This is the same reason he is often labeled as "being an outsider", and

B) He is the only candidate stating obvious, but dark, facts about bankers, the selloff of Americas jobs, and the immigration war on common Americans. That's why his voters forgive him his changes on issues from 4 and 8 years back.

Since there are no other candidates willing to speak certain truths, there is no other candidate to choose but Trump, if voters work for a living or have a small business.

On personal examination, Trump seems not to hate white people, he has a carry permit (which NY City makes it difficult for even billionaires to get.) He has been dragged though the divorce court game by an angry ex-wife. That means he knows what the bar association is, from first-hand knowledge of being its victim. The bankers  tried to bankrupt him, which again gives him first-hand knowledge from the victim side.

So why believe Trump's positions? For one, thing he takes a lot of heat for them. As far as is his personality is concerned, the closest historical parallel is President Andrew Jackson.

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