Sterling V. Nehoray: Battle Of The Lowlife Lawyers
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One overlooked aspect of the remarkably tawdry Clippers Brouhaha is its personal injury/divorce lawyer flavor. That's how Donald Sterling got his start, and he maintains the bulletproof ego of a sleazeball lawyer who knows it pays to advertise, no matter how badly.

When he first bought the Clippers, he put up hundreds of billboards featuring a giant portrait — not of his best player, but of himself. He constantly runs poorly Photoshopped ads in the Los Angeles Times of himself accepting awards from civil rights organizations and other charities.

Via Kevin Drum, here's Sterling's latest of countless self-congratulatory LA Times ad:


Sterling's mistress's lawyer isn't exactly Charles Evan Hughes, either:
Siamak Ebrahim Nehoray is a graduate of Memphis State (maybe he met some ballers there?) and the University of Laverne College of Law. He was suspended in 2004 by the state bar association for playing fast and loose with a small amount of a client's funds.

On a somewhat different topic, while I have no opinion on this question, the consensus of commenters at TMZ, who presumably have been following this story most closely, appears to be:


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