Evidence Of The Upcoming Expansion Of The Administrative Amnesty
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The Obama Regime is not talking about what will be part of the upcoming "reform" of deportation, but the evidence is accumulating that the expansion of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty will include criminal aliens and previous deportees.  Such evidence is again before the public.  In an unprecedented move, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania has dismissed charges not based on any legal defect in the criminal case, but based on political manipulation by the tax-payer funded attorney for the illegal alien from Mexico.


Note the tattoos that imply criminal associations. 

Erie Times-News By Lisa Thompson April 26, 2014

U.S. Attorney Moves To Dismiss High-Profile Erie Immigration Case

U.S. Attorney David J. Hickton has filed a motion to dismiss an illegal re-entry charge against an Ohio man whose case triggered an immigration rights rally in Erie in March.

Hickton said in the motion that the dismissal of the felony charge against Alfredo Ramos Gallegos would be "in the interests of justice."

Gallegos, a 40-year-old factory worker, was indicted in March on charges he violated federal law by illegally re-entering the United States without permission soon after being deported by an immigration judge in 2000.

"I thoroughly reviewed the case and based upon the facts and the circumstances, and in the interest of justice, we decided to move to dismiss the indictment," Hickton said Friday. He is U.S. attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, which includes Erie.

The presiding judge, U.S. District Judge David S. Cercone, had not yet ruled on the motion.

Gallegos' lawyer, Thomas Patton, an assistant federal public defender, said the dismissal came after he met with Hickton about the case.

Gallegos has been deported several times and re-entered the United States after his deportation each time.

Gallegos was released in March to his home in Painesville, Ohio, to await further proceedings. Patton said it was "safe to say" Gallegos was "very happy" about Hickton's decision...

The Border Patrol has said that Gallegos twice violated a deportation order and that the Feb. 8 event marked his fifth arrest for immigration violations.

If convicted in the criminal case, Gallegos could face up to two years in prison and a fine.

Even worse than the fact that criminal charges were dropped, Gallegos will not be deported.  He gets the Administrative Amnesty for Criminal Aliens.

His arrest in February also triggered parallel immigration proceedings that could result in his deportation. But on the day of his court appearance in Erie in March, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement granted him a one-year "stay of removal."

And political pressure was the reason criminal charges were dropped.  Shocking that a United States Attorney, who took an oath to enforce the law without fear or favor, dropped a slam-dunk case.

Leopold and Gallegos' supporters, including Hola, a Latino outreach and advocacy group based in Ohio, and America's Voice, a Washington D.C.-based immigration advocacy group, organized the March rally that aimed to halt the prosecution.

They welcomed news of Hickton's motion Friday.

"Clearly, Attorney Hickton took a look at the equities in this case, saw that this man has been here for two decades, paid his taxes, raised children who are U.S. citizens, and has been a provider for an American family. Hickton did the right thing by dismissing this case, and I hope this same wisdom will prevail with (U.S. Attorney General) Eric Holder and the Department of Justice," Leopold said.

Veronica Dahlberg, executive director of Hola Ohio, thanked Hickton for "delivering justice."

The arrogant illegal aliens and their boosters now claim that Gallegos is not a criminal:

"We are truly grateful that Alfredo can now work and live in peace and without fear of being labeled a 'criminal.' ... He's exactly the type of person we should be welcoming with open arms."

But he is a criminal, he twice violated Title 8 of the United States Code, Section 1326, Reentry of Removed Aliens

What this tells us is that the Regime will expand the amnesty for previously deported illegal aliens and to criminal aliens. Such aliens just a few short years ago were claimed by John Morton, former head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to the agency's "priorities."  Clearly now the only priority that ICE has is to give work permits to criminal aliens and previous deportees.

As evidence of the political gamesmanship and not any basis in law for the motion to dismiss, not that a mere Assistant Federal Defender met personally with the United States Attorney.  

Gallegos' lawyer, Thomas Patton, an assistant federal public defender, said the dismissal came after he met with Hickton about the case.

For the record, U.S. Attorney's (USA) do not meet with Assistant Federal Defenders.  USA'sdo not even generally meet with Assistant U.S. Attorneys (AUSA), their direct subordinates. Supervisory AUSAs and First Assistant USAs deal with line employees at the U.S. Attorney's Office.  It would be as if the Director of the FBI met with a Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service.  It just does not happen.  The Director of the FBI does meet with the Director of the Secret Service (USSS), but not with line employees of the USSS.  There is no reason for a USA to meet with the lowest level employee of another Federal agency.  Perhaps he might meet as a courtesy the Federal Public Defender, the head of the Federal Public Defender's Office. Still more shocking is that an Assistant Federal Public Defender was part of an organized public campaign involving political lobbying concerning a criminal case, which is well outside the writ of an Assistant Federal Public Defender.  In fact it is a violation of the Hatch Act.

You can contact Judge Cercone here and urge him to reject the motion to dismiss by Hickton and uphold the laws of the United States and see that those laws be faithfully executed.

U.S. Courthouse

17 South Park Row

Erie, PA 16501

Phone: (814) 464-9600 

And you can file a complaint for violations of the Hatch Act against Assistant Federal Public Defender Thomas Patton with the Office of Special Counsel, which is charged with investigating illegal political activities by federal employees.

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