Southwest Border Encounters: ANOTHER Record-Breaking Month In The Invasion Of America
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As John Derbyshire mentioned last night, it's another record-breaking month in the Invasion Of America over the Southern Border:

We just got numbers for illegal aliens apprehended on our southern border last month: a tad short of 240,000 [Migrant encounters hit another high, over 100K removed under Title 42, by Callie Patteson, NY Post, June 17, 2022]. That's the highest number of migrant encounters recorded in one month ever. It brings total encounters in FY 2022 to more than one and a half million.

Here's the chart:

Andrew Arthur at comments

CBP has released its statistics on migrant encounters at the Southwest border in May — and they are shocking, even by Biden administration standards. Last month, Border Patrol agents apprehended more illegal migrants at the Southwest border — 222,656 — than in any previous month in history. That makes a sort of sad sense, because unlike every one of his predecessors, Biden isn’t attempting to deter illegal entrants — he is instead inviting asylum applications from any foreign national who can make it here.

[Border Patrol Sets New Monthly Apprehension Record in May:
Deterring illegal migration is no longer Biden’s policy—inviting asylum applications is,
by Andrew R. Arthur on June 17, 2022] 

Another way of looking at the Biden Rush, via the NY Post, linked above:

Once again, it suggests impeachment proceeding should be instituted ASAP.

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