Sheriff:"Tyrone Harts Is A Black Male Adult"; CBS:"Harts Is Described As 6 Feet 2 Inches Tall And Weighing About 300 Pounds."
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This is CBS Los Angeles's description of a man wanted for murder, who is still on the loose:
[Tyrone Levoid]Harts is described as 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing about 300 pounds. Authorities said he should be considered armed and dangerous, and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department warned anyone who comes in contact with Harts to immediately call 911.

Boyfriend Eyed As Suspect Who Killed Mother Of 6 In Front Of Her Kids « CBS Los Angeles,

Here's how the Riverside County Sheriff's Department description starts. As in, it's the first thing they mention:"Tyrone Harts is a Black male adult. " [Press Release: Victim & Suspect Identified: 03-04-11] Only after you have that basic fact clear in your head does the Sheriff's department mention the part about him weighing 300 pounds, and so on. CBS doesn't mention race at all.
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